Small Group Fitness in Hanoi

small group fitness

Train with your favorite group and get the results you want at an affordable price.

Pro Fit Hanoi Small Group Fitness Training

Small Group Fitness

Train with friends, family or like-minded people in any of small group fitness classes.

Our small group fitness classes or not scheduled or set in stone.

Rather, our small group fitness classes are designed based on just a few of you and your friends who want us to design and implement a fitness that represents who you are, the style you want to train and which targets your small group's goals.

Our small group fitness classes range from 2 - 5 people.  We keep our numbers small so that we can devote ample attention to each person in your class and keep the feel of personal training while  still being able to train with a couple people.

All you need to do is contact us.  Let us know how many people you have in your group.  Your collective goals and what you are striving to achieve with both your bodies and health and the schedule ie; days of the week and time of day you want to train.

We can arrange to meet your small group anywhere in Hanoi and we'll bring any fitness equipment necessary for training.

Check out our fitness class schedule here if you want to join our regularly scheduled classes or if you have more than 5 people in your group.

Small Group Class Prices

The number of people in your group will dictate the price for each person or the group price.

Another factor which can slightly alter price is the distance we have to travel to get to you.

Your fitness class price in Hanoi could be higher if we have to travel a longer distance to get to you.

We off most of our fitness classes in Tay Ho and West Lake and  spend a great deal of time training in that area so the cost is usually the regular rate.


Please refer to our price page here to see rates and packages. 

Pro Fit Hanoi Small Group Fitness Price