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Every workout with a Pro Fit Hanoi personal trainer is a victory that gets you one step closer to your dream body.

Goal Oriented, Results Driven Personal Training

Get the body transformation you want and the health improvements you need with our Pro Fit certified personal trainers in Hanoi.

You'll train conveniently at your apartment gym with Hanoi's best personal trainers at a price you'll love.

Personal Training in Hanoi

Boost your workout results with the help of a personal trainer in Tay Ho, West Lake, Quang An, Trung Hoa and all areas of Hanoi

Nathan Love Pro-Fit Saigon personal trai

One on One Personal Training

Individually designed, exercise science based, personal training.

Fitness Class

Small Group Training

Uniquely designed fitness training for groups of 2-5 people.

Fitness Class

Fitness Classes

Goal specific fitness classes designed for 6 to 12 people.

Fitness Training For Every Goal

Transform your body, improve your health and achieve all your fitness training goals

Lose weight with personal trainer in Hanoi

Lose Weight

Eliminate body fat and reduce body weight.

Increase cardio respiratory fitness with personal trainer in Hanoi

Increase Cardio Fitness

Increase VO2 & Cardio respiratory endurance.

Gain lean muscle with a personal trainer in Hanoi

Gain Muscle Strength

Increase functional muscle & strength.

Increase flexibility with a personal trainer in Hanoi

Increase Flexibility

Gain more flexibility and reduce pain & stiffness.

Popular Fitness Training Programs

We have a fitness training program for every health & fitness goal

Weight Loss

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Cardio Endurance

Body Weight









Personal Training in Hanoi

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Personal Trainers in Hanoi

Get better results with Hanoi's best professional, certified personal trainers

Nathan Love Pro-Fit Saigon personal trai

Educated Personal Trainers

Pro Fit Hanoi personal trainers are fitness industry certified & Univ. Exercise Science & Nutrition educated.

Fitness Class

Experienced Fitness Coaches

Pro Fit Hanoi Owner & Head personal trainer Dennis Romatz leads all personal trainers in Hanoi with 33 years experience.

Fitness Class

Professional Exercise Specialists

Pro Fit exercise specialists are educated & experienced in creating individually designed, goal targeted fitness programs.

Dennis Romatz Hoi Personal Trainer

Reach Your Highest Fitness Levels With a Great Personal Trainer

Dennis Romatz, Pro-Fit Hanoi Owner & Head Personal Trainer is an Internationally acclaimed professional personal trainer with a University education in Exercise Science, Nutrition and 34 years personal trainer & nutritional coaching experience.

Nutrition Coaching

Boost your energy, vibrance & health with nutrition coaching & healthy meal plans

Nutrition Specialist in Hanoi

Nutrition Specialists

Our nutrition coaches are Univ. Nutrition educated and versed in plant based, keto & paleo.

Nutrition guidance in Hanoi

Nutritional Guidance

Support for eating healthy and staying disciplined with your food consumption.

Nutrition meal plans in Hanoi

Healthy Meal Plans

Ensure proper, disciplined eating patterns and perform better with daily meals plans.

Nutrition coaching in Hanoi

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